Enterprise Content Management Solution

SITS solves today’s business problems within corporations in which unstructured data currently accounts for 80 percent of a company’s overall data, and the amount of unstructured data in a company is doubling every two years. By offering an integrated solution for Enterprise Content Management which is a suite of technologies used to create, manage and exploit business insights from an organization’s unstructured content.

Computing and Printing Solutions

At End User Computing and Printing (EUCP), we provide all types of computing, printing and solutions fro your business requirements.

Structure Cabling

Supporting critical network systems and being able to quickly and cost-efficiently adapt are critical functions of a well-built IT network infrastructure. And the backbone of this infrastructure is a robust and adaptable structured cabling system.
SITS specializes in voice, data, and fiber optic cabling based on reliable, high-quality, standards-based cabling and network infrastructure components. Whether implementing a new or upgraded LAN, or rolling out a new technology, having a network cabling system that is able to scale to accommodate bandwidth needs and easily integrate the latest technologies helps your business stay competitive, while reducing overall infrastructure costs.
Our team will begin with a thorough assessment of your datacenter environment. Overseen by a certified project manager, the next step involves a design of the new network infrastructure and data center cabling layout.
And before we connect or disconnect anything, we walk you through the process to ensure your team is aware of the project timeline and outcomes. We will help you protect your datacenter cabling investment and give you the confidence that your new datacenter -and your new network infrastructure – are built to support the latest technologies and future needs.

Data Center

SITS offers full Data Center solutions to provide customer with central managed, utilized and best return of investment IT infrastructure. We offer data center consolidation in all terms of servers, storage, network, security, low current infrastructure, and software and site preparation.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

SITS delivers Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) to enterprise entities in order to help fuel productivity and empower businesses to succeed. We provide integrated e-business solutions to help organizations maximize efficiency and manage its customers. Our offering includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Management (HRM), Project Management (PM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Through these offerings, SITS is helping your business gain a competitive advantage and more profitable.

Security & Surveillance

SITS provides solutions for Security including, CCTV Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion detection, and Fire Alarm with an integrated security system that matches all customer requirements. Closed-circuit television, also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras for monitoring and protection of critical areas such as Banks, Industrial Factories, Airports, and Residential Compounds.
Surveillance has become not only more important for companies but has also evolved into an advanced branch of the IT industry. The security of your people and facilities depends on your system’s ability to detect and communicate with you quickly anytime, anywhere, and with all security applications that work together, incidents instantly detected, identified, reported, and handled. Motion sensors and window contacts automatically send alerts to command central when an intrusion event occurs in a secure zone.